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The Korinji Patreon Page

Features instructional resource videos on zen practice by Meido Moore Roshi (Abbot of Korinji Monastery), dharma talks, interviews and more. New videos uploaded monthly. Some content is available for free, and full access starts at $10/month (proceeds help support the full-time trainees at the monastery).

Recommended Reading

Torei Enji’s “Whip for a Good Horse”

A clear and concise summary of the zen path–a must read. Torei Enji (1721-1792) was one of the main heirs of the great Rinzai master Hakuin Ekaku. “The Whip” was a letter written in 1755 to a lay practitioner who was a samurai. This translation is by Trevor Leggett and appears in his book “Three Ages of Zen.”

(PDF version)

Discourse on the Inexhaustible Lamp

Torei Enji’s “Discourse on the Inexhaustible Lamp”

available from Rinzai Zen Centre UK for $25 plus postage: