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right here, right now

Zen helps us to dissolve negative habits of body and mind, live with clarity, and be of service to all beings.

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Zen practice, or shugyo, is a matter of doing and becoming—a transformative process to be entered into bodily and wholeheartedly—not by adopting a belief system or an identity, but by means of this very body, this very life. Zen shugyo holds out the potential of encountering our true nature, living with straightforward clarity, being more truly useful to those around us, and learning to give the gift of fearlessness.

We offer an introduction to traditional Rinzai Zen forms of practice that can be taken up by anyone, from any walk of life, to any degree to which they are motivated. These powerful, inherited practices help us to discover, deepen, and express our inherent clarity through posture, breathing, and the wholehearted application of our very aliveness in each and every moment.

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***Please Note: There will be no practice on Saturday mornings December 2 & 9. Thank you! ***

Our practice sessions are held on Saturday mornings (except for the 4th Saturday of every month) from 9 to 11am at Stillpoint Zen Center in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood. Newcomers are always welcome and instruction will be provided. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or to let us know you’re coming using the form below. Street parking is limited–please allow extra time for finding a spot and possibly walking a block or two.

Stillpoint Zen Center

137 41st St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

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There is no fee required to participate, but a $5 minimum donation per session is suggested. You can Venmo @ironcityrinzai (5532) directly or use the button below for Venmo, PayPal or credit card.

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Autumn Update

A quick update—we will be meeting for practice tomorrow, 11/11, please join us if you can. My apologies for missing several Saturdays these past weeks. While away I was incredibly fortunate to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event at Korinji with the Tendai “marathon monk” Tanno Kakudo Mitsunaga Dai-Ajari. And last Saturday I was able to participate … Continue reading Autumn Update

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