New Video and Sesshin Report

Here is a new short film featuring our local group:

The May dai-sesshin at Korinji was attended by 20 people, including a group of 5 people from Switzerland who host Meido Roshi for a yearly sesshin there. It was a powerful experience and I was very moved by the efforts everyone made. The group also participated in a practice called shodo sampai, which involves walking to and chanting at a number of special sites across the monastery grounds, giving thanks for the week’s practice. On the final day, we enjoyed a chakai, or group tea ceremony. After the end of sesshin, our friends from Switzerland treated us to some homemade strudel that was amazing! Below are a few photos.

Finally, we will be meeting this Monday on Memorial Day, although it may be a small group due to the holiday. This summer I will be speaking more on topics related to the finer points of our physical practice forms and how they support the core intent of our training, beginning with the breath. We will announce our next half-day retreat soon. And we will plan an opportunity, for those interested, to begin practicing tea ceremony. Looking forward to practicing together!

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