“Embodied Spirituality” talk from Meido Roshi & Last Week’s “Six Paramitas” talk

This past Monday night we listened to part of a recorded dharma talk by Meido Moore Roshi: “Zen: Embodied Spirituality”, which was given at the University of Chicago recently, and had a good discussion about it afterwards. The full talk, including the Q&A, is available on the Korinji Patreon page and is open to non-subscribers. Also, a recording of our previous Monday night talk on the Six Paramitas is now available here. Next Monday, at the request of a member, we will discuss how Rinzai Zen fits into the larger picture of contemporary Buddhism. I’ll be referring in part to this interview with Robert Sharf on his critique of Buddhist modernism, if you’d like to read it ahead of time. See you Monday!

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