Spring Half-day Retreat

Here are the details for our upcoming spring half-day retreat on Saturday, April 20th. Partial attendance is allowed and you may arrive or leave as needed from 8:15am on, but please do so only during kinhin and break times. Pre-registration is not required for the practice periods  from 8:30am on.

8:30 zazen

8:55 kinhin

9:00 zazen

9:25 kinhin

9:30 zazen

9:55 break

10:10 kinhin walk to riverfront

10:40 chi-kung/stretching

11:00 zazen

11:25 kinhin

11:30 zazen

11:55 kinhin

12:00 zazen

12:25 chanting/prostrations

We are also offering an additional early morning practice experience using some of the monastic forms. There is the option of arriving the night before, doing yaza (informal night sitting) and sleeping in the zendo, or arriving from home by 6:20am. Please email (genryojones@gmail.com) to pre-register for the early-morning or for overnight as we’ll need to know the number of attendees to plan for the baito tea and okayu (rice porridge) breakfast.

6:00 kaijo (wake up)

6:20 do-in-ho (movement)/baito sarei (pickled plum tea in zendo)

6:30 choka (long chanting service)

7:00 zazen

7:30 shukuza (formal breakfast)

8:00 clean up & break

The suggested minimum donation for the retreat is $20 per person (Venmo @ironcityrinzai (5532) or use the donate button at ironcityrinzai.org), but, as always, ability to donate is not a requirement for participation. Please, come practice together!

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